Have you ever changed your mind ? That's what has been happening around our house a lot here lately. I've always been pretty adaptable to change. I've moved quite a bit in my life. It almost feels like the normal thing to do. Not enough fingers and toes to count how many times I've moved,... Continue Reading →

Let go

It's easy as a parent to get caught up in working, cleaning, planning, and etc. Sometimes you just need to have some fun! Sometimes we have to quit doing the teaching and just Learn Together as a family! Learn to communicate and spend time together having some fun. Exploring this big World together! Kids need... Continue Reading →

The Great 8

Getting Prepared to hit the road is a task . You've got to not only think about clothes to pack and accessories , but with school aged kids you have to be thinking about the supplies they might need for road schooling. We have came up with our great 8 list of items that our... Continue Reading →

The Natural State

Arkansas is the place we chose to put our roots down for now. I say that while looking out back at all the oak trees that surround us and how deep their roots truly are. That's one thing that attracted our family to this area was the trees. They're beautiful here all year long, especially... Continue Reading →

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